Psycho is an ongoing live video painting using simultaneous video projection, paint and a psychiatrist, appropriating the profession's social status as a material quality. It takes the form of a first interview with a consultant psychiatrist who asks a series of questions about schooling, parental relationships, normal development and illness, drug and/or sexual abuse. Questioning expands to areas that the psychiatrist feels are relevant for diagnostic purposes. Psycho uses a public display of intimacy as psychological surveillance to reveal the artist's mythology through personal history and habits. Translated through a profession that has strong links with art practice, painting and the painted surface is seen as a diagnostic tool. The work is a live event with the consultation taking place in public and lasts approximately 45 minutes, the average time for a session of psychoanalysis. It has been supported by British Council and Wales Arts International funding and performed at Stock 20 Taichung, Slyart Taipei, Hong Kong Fringe Club, Photogallery Cardiff and MOCA Geffen Contemporary, Los Angeles amongst other venues.