Cloud Gate

was made on my return from a three month Wales Arts International funded residency at Park 19, Guangzhou, China and is a series of painted marks made ‘plein air’ using synthetic pigment intended for the identification of sheep and recorded as photographs in and around Nantyffin Farm in the Upper Swansea Valley. As transpositions of place with 19th century romantic landscape painting and traditional materials with synthetic, toxic, industrial pigments, these paintings record of a moment of exposure and contamination where the subjective romantic landscape becomes an aesthetic spectacle of airborne pathogens. The resulting body semantic is developed further with titles taken from the eleven traditional Chinese acupressure points on the lung meridian, presenting the object of painting as both cause and effect, industrial diseases as stimulation, and titling as therapy.

Cloud Gate will be exhibited in The Autobiography of a Supertramp. At G39, Cardiff. 6 June - 25 August 2012.