Fleece Painting is an on-going collection of work which re-contextualises art through painting and experiments in rural space; the 'real' physical world reasserting its presence as it widens to transform the aesthetic of the rural in different ways. Informed by the everyday labours of working farm life, they take the form of interventions on the seasonal cycle of sheep shearing. Titled after farms in the upper Swansea valley these works take the sheared fleece of upland sheep and processes it with oil paint, human hair care products, combs and animal brushes using traditional techniques of animal care, decoration and embellishment. Through the process of painting, the identity of sheep marker is supplanted by art pigments and the spectacle of the painted surface with the grooming of animals. The works have been exhibited at Oriel Mostyn, Oriel Myrddin, Chapter and Welsh Artist of the Year, St. Davids Hall, Cardiff [overall winner] 2011.