Welcome to the website of artist Paul Emmanuel.






My practise is centred on approaches to the substance of paint as a pre-loaded, genetic material where marks and surface, pigment, history, place and myth are part of a genetic code of painting as art. Supporting this approach, I use the context of how and where the painting is made to reference broader structures that inform the meaning of its setting.

Through all of my work, the use of underlying structures and re-presented contexts are used to erode the boundaries between nature and culture, mind and body. It is in this context that I look to various forms of painting to simulate conditions where art is seen as both a bodily and a natural process: lung disease and 19th century landscape painting, self-portraiture and mental illness, exoticism and attention disorders, animal and human. These aspects contribute to a malleability of the historic ideals of painting in a variety of constructs with different results; psychological, biological, esoteric, local and international.